Crane & Equipment Hire

Crane & Equipment Hire - hiring out on long term /short term or hourly works all machinery and tools are routinely maintained and managed. It is the company’s belief that in order to keep proficient we service and replace parts before they breakdown a rule enforced and strongly monitored by management and our service department.

Rigging - All rigging gear is maintained and tested regularly by a non biased and independent party in compliance with Australian standards. These registers are kept current at all times. In order to support our personal on the ground no restrictions are made on the acquisition of state of the art tools and equipment.

Personal - our riggers, dogman and crane operators work with each other to achieve the clients optimum end result. Due to the experience our teams have working to move safely and efficiently on our sites were the emphasis is placed on execution, completing the job to the highest industry standards can be expected by the customer at all times regardless of job size.